Friday, December 18, 2009

BBC's Holiday Video: Wish I Had Home for Christmas

Thanks to the BBC for a slightly odd, but very environmentally-message friendly holiday video!

PS: And just to make more of a learning object out of this (e.g. more than learning that squirrels can play the saxophone), this is the first time I have embedded a video into blog post, much easier than I thought to copy in the code. OK, maybe the squirrels are more interesting - Happy Holidays from me!)


Unknown said...

Interesting to see what happens to an old anti-war song after 30 years! (Jona Lewie's 1980 classic)

Gillian Martin Mehers said...

Hi Michael, I just listened to the Jona Lewie version, wow, that is also rather disturbing for other reasons (chirpy music with such a serious message). Guess there are some parallels there. Thanks for pointing to the original! (was 1980really 30 years ago, already?)