Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Follow the Leaders: Sharing Jay Cross' Collected Wisdom

The recent Online Educa International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training featured a stream of fascinating workshops in and around informal learning that was organized and facilitated by Jay Cross (author of Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance.)

I attended a number of the workshops in this stream, that started with a session called "The Great Training Robbery" and included others such as "The New Era of Corporate Learning Unconference" and a Pecha Kucha Mini-Master Class (my first exposure to this cool presentation technique). (Note for conference organizers: Titles are everything when you have 10 parallel sessions to choose from, plus the ongoing pull of the cafe or bar for networking; this stream had some of the most provocative titles and they lived up to their promise.)

Today, Jay kindly sent around to participants of his workshop stream a wonderful set of links to all the rich content and out-front thinkers who contributed to his sessions and said, "Feel free to pass it to others." So here it is, a veritable cornucopia of fantastic stuff about learning, well worth exploring for new ideas and to get a feeling for where some of the leaders in this field are heading:

Session: Informal Learning + Web 2.0 = Social Learning Breakthroughs

  • The Cluetrain Manifesto, the important book for understanding web culture;

  • Jerry Michalski's video interviews with Dutch traffic engineer Hans Monderman (who challenged transport planners to look again at the way people and technology relate to each other);

  • Enterprise 2.0, important new book by Andy McAfee;

  • CIA Blog & Wiki Vision by CLO Carl Andrus;

  • Toolwire, David Clarke IV's company;

  • Jerry's online Brain and tweetstream

  • Jay's Research Page and Articles

  • Jane Hart's eLearning Pick of the Day

  • Jane's Social Media in Learning

  • Pecha Kucha Mini-Master Class:
    Recordings of our first four Pecha Kucha sessions on YouTube.

    Session: The New Era of Corporate Learning

  • Internet Time Alliance, the folks running the workshops

  • Charles Jennings' blog

  • Jay's blog

  • Kevin Wheeler's Global Learning Resources and blog, Over The Seas

  • Kevin's Corporate University site

  • Jane's Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies

  • Jay's notes on Unmeetings and Open Space Technology

  • Jay's Research Page

  • Online Educa Learning Video Festival
    The video listing is at

    Faculty (Gillian: I added the links here)
    All of these experts make multiple resources available for other's to use, whether its a daily reviews of learning tools and news on their blogs, Delicious pages, Flikr accounts, Podcasts, YouTube videos, and Twitter feeds - all are focused on social learning, walking their talk, and making it easy for others to follow some of the leading thinkers exploring this growing field.