Friday, January 12, 2007

How Excited Are You About the Year Ahead?

It's January and for many of us that means yearly work planning. We get together and we think about what we need to accomplish in the year ahead. How do you feel at the end of this planning process? Ready to go, or tired already? How can we get excited about the year ahead?

We may not always have a choice about the work we do, but we can choose the way we do it is a well-known statement that managers often use in efforts to help motivate team members. But maybe there is more. Maybe we have more latitude for choice about what work we do than we think.

Even within set organizational programmes, teams can always ask the question - What do we want to do this year? What do we want to learn and what do we want to achieve for ourselves and our team? There will always be the 'reality check' team member that will remind us of the programmed goals. The creative process then focuses on how to weave these together. How much more motivation, energy and enthusiasm does it create when people get to bring into the workday some of their passions, personal avenues of enquiry, and the opportunity to develop some longer term capacities they are building?

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dormgrandpop said...

Hi Lizzie
I usually respond to Gillian's post, however I am sharing this with my colleagues at AU's Center for Teaching Excellence, as input to our uncomping retreat. Also, in a perverse way I apreciated seeing at that at least one other blogger - and a team yet - experienced a gap in postings over the holiday.

My best wishes to you, Gillian and your families for a productive and fulfilling new year.